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OMAW-Two Point Suspension & Parallel to Track
Two Point Suspension & parallel to track
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Movable Acoustic Wall shall be as per below details supplied by OZONE and shall consist of Top Hung, manually operated Acoustic Panels which can be linked together to form an acoustic wall.

PANELS: Based on the requirement the panels shall be constructed of board separated by acoustic insulation of achieve the specified sound rating. Panel Faces are replaceable at the site.

ACOUSTICS: Acoustic walls are classified by a STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating for their effectiveness in reducing transmittted sound. Based on Acoustic Requirements the panels shall be of STC 45 or STC 52. STC 45 shall make the wall with loud speech barely audible on other side & STC 52 shall make the wall with shouting barely  audible on other side.
CLOSURE: The movable acoustic wall shall be acoustically opened & closed with the help of an expanding panel located at the stacking end of the system. There is on over-sleeve on the expanding panel which can be expanded side ways to lock the acoustic wall in place. The oversleeve is expanded and retracted by a removable handle in the face of pane.

STACKING: While opening of movable acoustic wall, panels shall be parked in a side stack configuration which means that single panels are hung at two points at the top corners of each panel. Panels will stack with one point remaining on the main track and other on the side track.

SEALS: There shall be sweep seals at the top of the panels to seal them acoustically to the track. There shall be retractable seals at the bottom of the panels to seal them acoustically to the floor.

Panel Thickness dB Value Max. Panel Height Max. Panel Width
85 mm 45 DB 6000 1250
100 mm 52 DB 6000 1250

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Two Point Suspension & parallel to track (OMAW-Two Point Suspension & Parallel to Track)

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