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OZOM-111P-Plus4.2mtr Std
Premium Plus Auto Sliding Door System
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• OZOM-111P-Plus 4.2mtr Std
• OZOM-111P-Plus 6mtr Std
• Engine case height: 115mm
• Self-learning microcomputer processing controller
• Extra slim type track
• 24V DC 100 watt brushless motor with built-in rectifier
• Adjustable parameters
• Single / bi-parting sliding door system
• Suitable door weight: 120 Kg x 2
• Max door width: 2 mtr/3 mtr
• Adjustable parameters for opening speed, door buffer distance, door buffer intensity, closing speed, closed buffer distance, closed buffer force, opening hours and starting force
• Integration possible with Microwave Sensor, Handwave Sensor, PIR Sensor, Digital Door Key, Wireless Push Button, Safety Beam, Remote Control, Push Buttons etc

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Premium Plus Auto Sliding Door System (OZOM-111P-Plus)

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