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OZ-EL-62-R Std
Biometric Electronic Lock for Wooden Door
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  • Lock with Biometric Recognition and Numeric Code
  • Suitable for 35 mm to 80mm thick door
  • Finger Print Capacity – 100
  • Key Pad- 8 keys
  • Sensor Type – Optical
  • Facility of Handheld unit to program the lock and retrieve data.
  • Power source 1.5V alkaline Batteries
  • Emergency Power Supply – DC 9V
  • Manual override key
  • Protection Cover for Finger Print reader and key pad
  • Tamper Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Constant open function
  • Available for Right Hand Door & Left Hand Door.

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Biometric Electronic Lock for Wooden Door (OZ-EL-62)

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