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OCFH-100 Set Std SSS
The Original Self Closing Patch Fitting Door Set
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      *Preferable for Satin Anodised

OCFH-100S Std
  • Requires No digging or cutting of Floor
  • Quick and easy installation with just 4 fasteners
  • EN-3 for Interior & Exterior Applications 
  • Suitable door weight: Max 100kg.
  • Suitable door width: 750~1000mm
  • Suitable door thickness: 8~12mm
  • Maximum opening 150° and controlled 135°
  • Durability-500,000 Cycles Tested
  • SS 316 cover plate secured with pin system mechanism
  • Suitable for Fire/Smoke Doors upto 40 min, Tested by Intertek as per EN 1634-1:2008
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • +3mm backward and forward,+3mm left and right and 4° alignment adjustment 
  • Finish: SSS/PSS
  • Hold Open:- Optional (ON DEMAND)
  • Pivot pin Ø15 mm with variable adjustment of 55 or 65mm
  • Base Casting Material : Aluminium Alloy.
  • Gasket : Non-asbestos Material
  • Finish: SSS/PSS
  • Top pivot with 15mm diameter pin
  • Wear resistant SS 316 pivot pin
  • Pivot held in overhead structure
  • High grade SS 316 Patch fitting
  • Finish: SSS/PSS

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The Original Self Closing Patch Fitting Door Set (OCFH-100 Set Std SSS)

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