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Bus Shelter
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  • Fabrication, supply and installation of SS 304 grade bus shelter with tubular structures and trussed roof.
  • 10 mm thick multiwall polycarbonate sheet with 35% light transmission of make ,G.E plastics with 5 year warranty, will be fixed on the top of roof
  • Tubular bench made of SS grade pipe with Seating capacity 8 persons
  • Name plate with necessary info format on  pasted vinyl of L.G make.
  • Back lit Stainless Steel signage with inbuilt STRONG clipping & frame arrangement for holding the flex or digital media along with all necessary cleats and corner etc.

Top Advertism Panel:

  • Front Ad panel size 7.7 mt X1.2 mt
  • Side ad panel size 1.7 mt x 1.2mt.

Side Mopi:

  • Size: 1.2 mt x 1.5 mt

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Bus Shelter (OZUF-BQS-DDN-7700)

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