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OZ-OM-11T-4.2 mtr Std.
Telescopic Automatic Sliding Doors
Ozone introduces Telescopic Automatic Doors. These systems work on a double pulley mechanism enabling more opening with less parking space. This is an ideal door for areas needing wider openings to control bulk traffic.
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Power AC 220v (50-60 Hz), AC 110v (option)
Controller  Micro-Processing
Motor DC 24V 60W/90W
Door weight  Max. 90Kg x 2/70Kg x 4
Door width Min. 550mm
Opening time   0~10 sec. (adjustable)
Power Transfer  UPS, Program switch
  • For a bigger opening space, install 2 piece doors in a space for one.
  • The 2 doors move at the same time at 2:1 speed ratio.
  • Telescopic Door does not have a profile cover so provisions for hiding the system assembly with any paneling material is required.
Functional - Telescopic Automatic Sliding Door

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Telescopic Automatic Sliding Doors (OZ-OM-11T)

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