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OZOM-LD-R Std. Std.
Linear Magnetic Sliding Door
Linear engine is a new mechanism for Automatic Door which is driven with a Linear motor instead of a regular motor. The system also does not have a gear box and ensures long life with minimum wear and tear secondly. Since the points of friction are significantly reduced, it makes the door opening and
closing in a smooth and quiet way.
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Max. Door Weight 2x55 Kg
Open Speed Adjustable 200-500mm/s
(Default 400mm/s)
Closing Speed Adjustable 200-500mm/s
(Default 300mm/s)


  • Quiet and smooth opening and closing
    The mechanism of linear motor makes the door opening and closing in unprecedentedly super smooth and quiet way.
  • It seldom produces powder dust and make the environment clean
    Since fewer points of friction, it is suitable for clean rooms, food factories and other place which is dust and dirt sensitive.
  • Highly safe return function
    The door detects any body / obstacles and returns ensure high safety.
  • Function properly under power outage and other emergencies
    Since there is no gear box, the door functions easily like a normal manual sliding door during power cuts on emergencies.
Functional - Automatic Linear Magnetic Door

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Linear Magnetic Sliding Door (OZOM-LD-R Std. Std.)

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