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Heavy Duty Concealed Floor Spring for Glass Doors
Ozone Plus, the latest innovative product, is a heavy duty Hydraulic Patch on power size # 5 with a Stainless Steel 316 grade cover and base plate assemble.
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  • Suitable door weight: Max 100kg. (220 Lbs)
  • Suitable door width: Upto1250mm (49”)
  • Suitable door thickness: 10~15mm (3/8” - 19/32”)
  • Stainless Steel 316 grade covers & base plate
  • Spring size power #5 for internal & external doors
  • No floor cutting/digging
  • Available in hold open or no hold open option
  • High quality mounting screws for different floorings
  • No need to have the pre-set on the floor
  • Easy installation with base seat adjustable
    - ±3mm (1/8”) backward and forward\
    - ±3mm (1/8”) left and right and 4° alignment adjustment
  • Finish Available: SSS/PSS

Also available in Spring Size #3 (OCFH-P-100) and Power Adjustable model (OCFH-P-135)

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Heavy Duty Concealed Floor Spring for Glass Doors (OCFH-P-105)

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